The Little Red Table

The menu in your phone for restaurants, hotels and franchise chains.

A revolutionary system for convenient ordering of meals and managing their distribution from the kitchen.

Menu dla restauracji QR kod

An interactive digital menu
The Little Red Table

Menu for your restaurant guests. Take orders without a waiter.
Save time and money.

zamówienia przez kody QR

The menu on the guest's phone

Place QR codes on the tables in your restaurant. Scanning the code will display a menu in the browser. No need to install any application!

bezobsługowe zamówienia QR menu

Status change notifications

Your guests will receive a notification of the order status change. It's easy! any employee can change the status and the client will receive a notification on the phone. This really reduces the workload!

QR menu dla apartamentu

Menu available in the hotel room

It's easy! put the QR code in the hotel room. guests will always have the current menu with them. All you need to do is update the menu in your panel so that your guests are always up to date!

They trusted us

We deliver our solution to both small eateries and large chains of restaurant and hotel franchises.

QR kody foodtruck
QR menu dla restauracji
Elektroniczne menu dla hoteli
QR kod menu dla hotelu
QR kody menu dla hotelu
QR kody dla hoteli
Aplikacja Czerwony Stoliczek

A very simple ordering system

It only takes 3 simple steps to go from browsing the menu to receiving your customers’ orders.


The guest scans the QR code

It is enough for the guest to scan the QR code placed by you, which links to the menu of your restaurant.


The guest places an order

The guest chooses any dish on the menu and places the order. The order notification is automatically displayed on the kitchen!


The guest receives the order

Yes, that’s all. No waiter services. No time wasting. The order is prepaid.

See how the digital menu works

Scan the QR code. Here’s how your customers will see the menu in your restaurant

Demo Czerwony Stoliczek

Intuitive management in the administration panel

We provide you with a complete menu edition in a simple administration panel

System zamówień w restauracji

Build a menu in just a few moments

Adding individual meals is extremely easy. Input basic information about your menu will take you a few moments. Then you will be able to edit individual dishes.

Edit a dish in an extremely easy way

You are just a few clicks away from changing the photo, description and all other information about dishes available in your restaurant. Assign categories, ingredients, variants and attributes and other options to your dishes.

Aplikacja do zamówień dla restauracji
Zamówienia bezobsługowe w restauracji

Manage dishes on the menu

Turn on and off previously created dishes. You can quickly change the available meals on your menu and manage their prices.

Watch how it works

Watch, how you can make it easier for your customers to access the menu in your restaurant in a simple and pleasant way. Learn about the benefits of the The Little Red Table app in the restaurant’s everyday life.

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The revolution in the ordering system for your restaurant

Ordering food has never been easier. Try the system for ordering dishes in your restaurant for free.

The Little Red Table

Interactive menu and a system for managing the offer of dishes in restaurants.

Elektroniczne menu w telefonie
Menu na telefon
Menu restauracji w telefonie
Interaktywne menu QR kody
Aplikacja do zamówień bezobsługowych dla restauracji
Bezobsługowe zamówienia w restauracji
Phone mock Little Red Table